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Festivals / Feeste

Since culture can form invisible bonds between members in the community, this can hold people with the same cultural background together, passing on the values. This propogation of values is can not only transmit culture knowledge and retain the relationship among people, it also builds up a long term tradition after years and years. Culture is strengthened in this way because it can give background and reference to its later generations of its ability of keeping the long-term tradition, gaining the sense of belonging of people to the country of that culture.

2015 - Vanjaar vind die jaarikse Mampoersfees in samewerking met die Kultuurstokersgilde op Saterdag 6 Junie plaas  

‘n Verskeidenheid mampoer en likeurs kan geproe word.




ATKV Centurion;



Ossewa ritte;

Warm, vars gebakte brood;

en Rayton Meander Village!

Mampoerfees - Mei/Junie

Plaasfees - September

The Museum distils its own mampoer. The copper still for which a legal licence was obtaind in 1983 for the distilling of witblits and mampoer is still in use today.

The annual Mampoer Festival at the Museum takes place the last Saturday of May or the first Saturday in June.

Visit the 2015 Mampoerfees on Saturday 6 June



Mampoerfees - May/June

The annual Farm Festival in September attracts historical engine and tractor enthusiasts. Demonstrations of various tractors and engines and historical farming activities such as ploughing, threshing, sheep shearing, baking of bread and pap-and-kaiings are some of the highlights of this event.  

Farm festival - September